For the Modern Classics Challenge 2018 category of A Book in Translation I read Catlantis by Anna Starobinets. Catlantis is only about 120 pages, but I absolutely adored it!! It is the story of a cat named Baguette who is a descendant of the ancient Catlantians from the island of Catlantis. Baguette is one of the few time traveling cats, which works out really well because the modern day cats have forgotten which flower is the famous Catlantian flower whose scent gives all Catlantians nine lives. Baguette travels back in time to find this flower in order to prove his love for his beautiful fiancée. Along the way he gets lost in the Middle Ages and loses the flower, but it all turns out alright in the end!


Do I think it will become a classic? I think it is an adorable and very creative story! It obviously was thought to be good enough to translate from Russian into English! Will it become a classic though? I am going to settle on maybe. It doesn’t have any of the problems other books have (only being relevant to the time it was written in, not having any type of uniqueness that causes it to stand out, etc), but it can also can be more difficult for a translation to break into English Classic market….and I have no idea if this book could be considered a Russian Classic. If I had to choose one way or another, I would put my money on Baguette just because I enjoyed the story so much and hope he does become a classic!! The mere fact that I read this book as an adult and have thought about it multiple times since speaks well of it!


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