Modern Classics Challenge 2019



I still need to get my reviews up for 2018, but I wanted to go ahead and post the Modern Classics Challenge for 2019. Usually I don’t have too many sign up, so this is an easy way to earn a little book money! I always enjoy participating in Karen’s Back to the Classics Challenge, but this is a way to remind me to also read newer books. During the first week in January of 2020, I will announce a winner for $20 to Amazon or The Book Depository (if they don’t deliver to your country then the prize goes to second place). To keep it simple (because I like simple), the guidelines are:
To enter comment to this post with a link to your blog or goodreads.
Read anywhere between 4 and 12 books published in the last 50 years (after 1969) so long as there is only one for each category. I am going strictly by publication date, not when it was written! For every 4 books you read and review up to 12, you will receive one entry (so 4 books=1 entry, 8 books =2 entries, and 12 books=3 entries).
All books used in the challenge must be read during 2018 (ALL of the book, not part of it)!
Usually all books must be chapter books (generally these are about 100 pages at least), but this year because of the categories selected, I will allow for as many as one book per entry to be a picture book (so possibly 3 total if you read all 12).
Write a review of each book (either on your blog or on goodreads) in English and place the link in the comments on the corresponding post for that category that I will create January 1, 2019.
In your review you must include a link to the challenge and whether or not you think this book will go on to become a classic and why! (“Because I liked it” is not an acceptable answer!)
You must post a wrap-up post with links to all of your reviews (and a link to the challenge) no later than December 31, 2019 and comment with a link on my wrap-up post (which will also be posted January 1, 2019).
There will be no deadlines for entering the challenge; however, I may close the challenge to new entries if there are too many entries for my blog to handle efficiently.
If you have any questions or need the rules clarified, please ask!

This year’s categories follow a theme…

“Monsters never die. They are reborn from the chaos and barbarism that is always bubbling underneath civilization, the very stuff that makes Kronos stronger. They must be defeated again and again, kept at bay.” – from Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters You often hear that racism is due to a lack of education. My grandfather once told me that racism in the South didn’t take on by family. It was propagated by people who were willing to “just drink milk with other people” (translation: willing to go along with the crowd). I suspect it is a combination of the two. To fight racism (which like monsters never die) you must have an education that both lets you come to really know the “other” and develops a strong moral fiber within you that will help you avoid “just drinking milk with others.” In the absence of real life experiences, books can be a good place to begin.

Without any further ado, this year’s categories are:

1) A Book Written by a Jew
2) A Book Written by a Native American (or the equivalent for your country)
3) A Book Written by a Person of Color
4) A Book Written by a Neurodiverse Person
5) A Book Written by an LGBTQIA Person
6) A Book in Translation
7) Book Written between 1970-2000
8) Book Written between 2001-2018
9) A Children’s Book
10) An Award Winning Book
11) A Book turned into a Movie
12) A Banned Book (as long as you can make a case for it)

The diversity categories were chosen based on groups that had seen violence in the past year within the United States. The diversity categories do NOT have to be writing about diversity, just written BY a person who meets the qualification. Feel free to post your list to your blog! You can change it at anytime, but I think the planning part is fun!

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